[Media Repetition]

When news is delivered via; television, newspaper and media outlets it is sent out to masses of people in a short amount of time. Other news then piggy back this information relay it to help spread the word and now we have something called ‘media repetition’. By hearing “credible” source state these stories and hearing again these stories being validated by a secondary outlet or source only reinforces the “truth.”The truth that the media can say and fabricate what ever the hell they want just because they can.

Is this honest journalism? We are living in a world today where journalist don’t get paid to do research except hit the copy and paste button and replace a few words thanks to their thesaurus. 

But are we really hearing the truth?

[Update] More Women Coming Forward

This is usually always the case in high profile cases like these. A new woman came forward today by the name of  Louisa Moritz who claims an incident occurred in 1971…

QUEUE THE MUSIC… Prepare the drum rolls.. anyone want to bet me what Marty Singer is going to say? He is going to come out and say there was no history of this women even ever meeting Bill Cosby or that Bill Cosby wasn’t even there.

Wait for it… the discredit is coming…



Just beat me to the punch notice these tactics in the medias?

-discredit the victim

-say something irrelevant towards what is actually happening

Leave it to TMZ to break the news they work hand in hand:

Cosby’s lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ … “We’ve reached a point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous.”  Singer adds, “Mortiz is a lawyer who was disciplined by the California State Bar and ordered not to practice.” We pulled the documents — she can’t practice because she didn’t report certain quarterly reports … the nature of the reports is unclear from the documents.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/20/bill-cosby-forced-oral-sex-victim-jonny-carson-louisa-moritz/#ixzz3JmBQuzm1

[Shaking and Waking Shit Up]

Media Tactics: Fuck YOU TMZ! Fuck you MEDIA! i remained silent about this for way too long and I am exercising my constitutional rights to speak up and make a difference. In the light of this shit media storm and the accusations surrounding Bill Cosby I am speaking the fuck up because the media and news outlets need to know their duties as journalist and be put in their damn place. They need to be held accountable for their defamation brought on to innocent victims maintaining this facade is getting fucking old. Creating lies about these innocent victims to discredit or dishonor their trauma, what purpose do you serve to a nation that is already clouded you add more doubt to our society and more hate.

Choose the blue pill and go back to a world built on hate, idealism and no realism. Choose the red pill and sit back and enjoy the ride. Do not continue reading if you are not open minded because let me warn you its not going to be nice. For years I have study the media play out innocent lives of young women and have seen the impact and results of this, after learning the hard way of this fucked up world I continued to live a positive life and make a living for myself. All odds were and have been used against me, I was sexually harassed in 2011 at my work place but because of my past experience coming forward I was terrified and humiliated and never spoke up. This time I am not going to  sit back and let the ives of these innocent women be tainted by the media.

Here is some advice for all you that are skeptical or are so quick to believe that monetary values are motives to redeem a women’s self-respect or support. Again no money can compensate self-respect or take away a life experience you will never earn back. It is time you invested emotionally that can not be replaced through currency. I did acting on the TYRA BANKS show , yes acting! TMZ used this footage to discredit my claims and tarnish my reputation, not only was this the same source that published a nude photo of a pornstar depicted as me and claimed that I posed nude, the damage was already done when these images and video surfaced I had the world against me. I read comments I read everything that contributed to my psych and the aftermath of my life. Although TMZ issued an apology and retraction (by law they had 24 hours) the damage was already done did they bother to go and correct the false stories they sold of me? NO! because thats what makes them money. TMZ is proof that the devil is alive and well and I won’t back down to them. And if this message does reach out to the women involved in this Bill Cosby Case here are some of my pointers:


2.Whatever dirt you think they can dig up on you, allow them to let it work in your favor and take it to trial

3.HOLLYWOOD knows when you need to protect your reputation because billions of dollars are at stake, studios reputations will decline because these actors can’t generate the money prior to these allegations so you hire jackasses like Marty Singer who will stop at nothing to tear you down even if he has to make up lies he will. (google his clientele) He has no morals as a person and can’t wait for the day to see his karma come back, satan is waiting for you Marty.

4.Trust your lawyers, but do not tell them anything that can be used against you later, lawyers all work closely together (keep this in mind no matter what the law tells you about confidentiality or client privileges)

5.Do not sign anything you do not understand have them rewrite it in layman’s terms if you can not understand it re-read it 3 or 4 times before you do.

6.Don’t be scared of Marty Singer, its his job to discredit you this is what his office is known to do portray the victims as whores or sluts who asked for it or completely flat out just lie.

Any news source or any threats having me take down this post will see the light of day, I will follow through and this post will remain up as long as the constitution is there I have not breeched shit. This is freedom of speech and how this world works people need to wake up. These poor women need our support right now and I stand beside, behind and in front of their allegations to fight this through. Although only .05% of cases make it to trial in the united states there is a law in place that requires all parties go to mediation before any trial proceedings, so do keep this in mind when you jump the gun and think people were paid off, dissmissed or dropped their cases. Read between the lines and wake up WORLD.

positive minds do not create positive people

“Stay Positive” was the motto I was raised in. Growing up in Marin County hippie central of the world I was fortunate to grow up with this mind set and had the right guidance in life to have an understanding and appreciation by showing respect for nature and all living things. I was compassionate about animals would go to shelters just to play with them. Went Vegetarian for almost 7 years to upkeep this positive lifestyle. If I had a nickle for every time a hippie told me to “stay positive” I would be a millionaire. The words are wise, they are truthful but depending on the situation.

I learned that victims of assault or trauma will always live in or periodically experience the mood or energy that stems from that trauma . The state of mind can be suppress for so long by staying positive or distracting yourself with work, school or other activities. Although those are good for our physical health they are not good for our psych. 

Suppressing our thoughts by distracting ourselves, or thinking positive about something will help you in that momentarily time. Usually when people are in their rested state of mine is usually when the cognitive process wakes up. Where thoughts become a load of work and over analyzing begin to consume your emotional state, you search for justifcation of your feelings rather than solutions for your negative thoughts. Thoughts trigger from issues in life; debt, relationships, feeling alone and  then people will turn to addicts of something or even hoarders over a period of time when the depression is not treated.

The mind is doing this so it doesn’t have to process the bullshit. We emote it and go out to distract ourselves and use expressive terms like: “YOLO!” (you only live once, well FYI dumb asses, YODO to you because you also only die once.) “Party Hardy!” “Live it Up! “ will always be the simple solution. Until you go through something that physically stops you and makes you incapable of participating in your YOLOING your mind will start to over process. Your cognitive thoughts that momentarily rested have awaken and you will find yourself going down a negative spiral that is uncontrollable, you will start questioning people resenting the world.

Study shows that 26% of Americans will suffer from depression that is more than a quarter of the United States Of America. And only 1/10 people seek treatment for their emotional state. Anti-depressants are never the solution. NEVER, EVER. Talking to a trusted friend or family member will help a lot but most people feel scared or humiliated, embarrassed or timid. (i am obsessed with unicorn barf so nothing can be more embarrassing than that).

My overall thought is that you use your words when something doesn’t feel right and handle the issues or experiences right at that moment so you don’t have to ever deal with the “what if’s”. Not all people will understand, but the ones who show you true empathy are the ones that have already or are living through it. Then after you speak about the experiences you get the advice you want , AND THEN FROM THAT POINT AND ONLY AT THAT POINT YOU STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP TRUCKIN’!

I am really looking forward to this book

This was such a touching story.

Copy and paste this into your browser such an inspiration for all my friends who need a pick me up. My fairy tale was not as nearly this sweet but I met someone during a pretty hard time in my medical life. Both these links will tell a story, have a tissue box ready bitches. Even for you  atheist.


Filet Mignon Reduced In Red Wine and Butter



3 Filet Mignon’s

Vegetable oil (has a higher cooking temperature)



1/2 cup of Red Wine Of Your Choice

5 tablespoons Butter

1 Bunch of asparagus

2 Yellow Medium Size Potatoes (1 potato per serving)

3 Garlic Clove; 1 whole clove cut in half to boil, and 2 minced for asparagus

1/3 cup of milk

Lemon for Asparagus

Prep:With a brush, sweep both sides of filet with oil of your choice. This will help set seasoning and help reduce the need to pour oil directly into the pan.Season filets on both salts generously with salt and pepper.


Mash Potatoes: Dice potatoes in 1″ cubes and bring pot of water to cover potatoes 1″-2″ adding 1 tablespoon of salt and a clove of garlic bring to a boil and test when ready by inserting a fork the potato cube should split in whole halves rather than crumble. (crumbling means its over cooked, need not to worry just use less milk when mashing) Add 2 tablespoons of butter and milk pressing down flatly with a metal fork. Continue to press potatoes until preferred consistency add salt and pepper to taste.

Filets: Bring heavy or cast-iron pan to highest heat. (to test readiness of pan wet your hand and sprinkle the excess water over pan listen for the sizzle, if the pan sizzles or you see the water immediately disperse then the pan is ready to go. Preheat oven on bake till 450 degree (this is optional). Be sure all water excess is is dried from the pan before placing filets in it, water and oil are dangerous and will pop at you. Place the presentation side down (do not turn it for 2-2.5 minutes). Add 2 tablespoons of butter and a dash of olive oil (this will help butter not burn or turn black) Flip over for another 2 minutes the wine will reduce.(Optional Step)Depending on how well done or well you want your steak you can put the pan directly into the oven and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes again (your preference) remove from oven.

Asparagus:In a medium size pan put 1 tablespoon of butter and a half a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan. Add minced garlic and stir frequently until garlic releases aroma. Place asparagus into pan cover and toss around every minute or so for 5 minutes seasoning with salt and pepper. Remove from heat and squeeze salt and pepper on it.

Presentation: On a dinner plate center mash potatoes at the base of your presentation. Place filet presentation side up directly on top of mash potatoes. Garnishing with 2-3 spears of asparagus and drizzle with remaining sauce from pan. VOILA! Bon Apettite!